installing cork flooring


cork flooring

The loft area of our turnkey home solutions project is currently being covered with real cork flooring. The cork is being installed by Dani Green. Dani is installing the cork over a smooth surfaced subfloor that has been stapled to the original floor of the loft area.

Dani installing cork

I think it is marvelous that gals are becoming more involved in the construction industry. Regardless of the terminology used such as women in the trades, girls, ladies, women, or females doing a job that has been traditionally performed by men, it really doesn,t matter. I have worked with numerous women in various trades and have found them to be conceinscoius workers and have similar abilities to men, sometimes better. I am a supporter of women in all areas of the construction industry and trades in general.

floor rolled with contact cement

The subfloor is stapled to the floor sheathing according to a pattern that is marked on the sheets. Basically this requires staples in 6″ squares throughout the sheet and 3″ around the perimeter of the sheet. The cork comes with a thin layer of contact type cement pre applied to its underside. The installer then rolls a coat of contact cement over the new subfloor. This process bonds the cork to the subfloor.

cork in loft area

The cork will eventually have a couple of coats of sealer applied on top of the finished product.

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  1. Maria McIntyre says:

    Great Job!!! It sure takes a lot of very talented people to pull off a project like this one. Most importantly is the coordination of the whole project by Cam.

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