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spaying drywall primer


Our painters have arrived and are in full swing. The walls and ceilings have been primed. The primer is applied with a spray gun and another painter comes right behind the sprayer and rolls the primer to ensure proper coverage. This process took about one and one half days for the main floor and loft area.


primed ceilings


The primer is an important step as it seals the drywall and provides a base for the following coats of paint. Once the primer has dried it is lightly sanded with 120 grit paper to remove any rough areas.


second coat of paint



The second coats of paint are now being applied. It is amazing how a paint color can transform a white room into an area with a personal touch. The paint also brightens up the room and is all part of the finished look and interior design of contrasting color, doors, flooring, and furniture.


cutting in the corners and ceilings


The second coat requires more care than the primer coat as the primer coat is sprayed on all areas that have been drywalled. The second coat usually consists of a combination of colors. The experience painters maintain a steady hand and cut the paint with a brush along the adjacent walls and ceilings and then the remainder is completed using a roller.


second coat after being rolled




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